Cinematographer, Editor, "Natto Soba with Chef Takashi"

Cinematographer, Co-director, Editor, "Not Your Girl"

Kettle Camp Studios

Showrunner, Cinematographer, Editor, "Incidental" web series

Editor, Animator of found footage music video "As Time Rips at the Seams" 

Cinematographer, Editor, Ignation Spirituality Project

Cinematographer, Editor, Rambler Productions

Cinematographer, Editor, Baumhart Center for Social Enterprise and Responsibility

Videographer, Editor, Subletinn

Kettle Camp Studios

Director, "University Treasure" Ep. 4

First Assistant Camera, "University Treasure"

Sound Design, "University Treasure" Ep. 5

Cinematographer, "KPU" Seasons 3-4

Experimentation with Rotoscope Animation


Storyteller, Editor, "The Sixth Borough"

Adaptation of the short story, "The Sixth Borough", by Jonathan Safran Foer

Writer, Director, Editor, "Superstition"

Cinematographer, Editor, "LLS 2016"

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Pennies for Patients Campaign

Assistant Sound, "I, Too, Am B-CC"